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Dental Hygienist/BSPH

Valerie was born in Houston and raised in Flower Mound. She has been in Flower Mound for 37 years. She has been in the dental field for 27 years and has worked at Cross Timbers Dental since 2008. Her favorite thing about working in the office is how each case presents itself differently. Valerie enjoys taking care of family, reading research articles and publications, Biblical studies and working on the book she is writing! Valerie also is passionate about health and wellness. She loves adventures, the beach, and the mountains. She loves space – she would go tomorrow if she had an invitation!


YAY! You clicked on my picture, which means you must want to know a little more about me….

I am honored to have been working with Cross Timbers Dental since 2008. I began working in the dental field in 1992, while I was in high school. First as an orthodontic lab technician, then as a chairside assistant. I quickly transitioned into general dentistry where I was a chairside dental assistant for many years before returning to college at Texas Woman’s University. I graduated in 2005 with simultaneous bachelor’s degrees in dental hygiene as well as dietetics and institutional administration. I am excited to practice both holistic and traditional dental hygiene. I have been described by many as “a nerd with a lot of energy”. My current areas of study include orthomolecular and functional medicine as well as quantum biofeedback. I take pride in staying on top of current research, in multiple disciplines, which include reading both peer reviewed literature and the various journals of holistic medicine. I very much enjoy having a knowledge base that goes beyond just focusing on the head and neck. I love being able to share anything that I have learned with my patients that could help them in their own research and overall health. I take my career(s) seriously, but I love to have fun and pamper my patients with small touches like organic lip balms, pillows, gold stars and a gentle touch. By going the distance, I am honored to say that over the years many of my patients have become my personal friends outside of the dental office.
When I am not nerding out; I like road trips, paddleboarding, watching the stars (yes, I am outside at 3:30 am on many nights) and creating stained glass pieces. I’ve lived in Flower Mound since 1979, when Cross Timbers Road was called “Main Street” and only had two lanes; wow how things have changed. I am married and have two “grown” children. I am excited you clicked on my picture, hopefully you’ll feel like you already know me when I to get to know you as well!