Porcelain crowns are the perfect restoration when a tooth is severely damaged, decayed or compromised aesthetically. A one to two millimeter dimension all around the tooth and on top is removed to fit the crown while strengthening and preserving the remaining natural tooth structure. Depending on each individual and dental condition, we offer all-porcelain or porcelain fused to biocompatible metal or gold crowns.

Each type of porcelain crown is handcrafted by technicians to mimic your natural teeth and to ensure maximum light translucency and color.  Crows using an older technology were fabricated with opaque, flat-looking materials that did not let natural light pass through as a natural tooth does.  With these older crowns, there is usually a dark gray shadow or line next to the gum line. Our handcrafted porcelain crowns do not show any gray discoloration on your gum tissue or teeth. With our natural light-diffusing porcelain and dental artistry, we assure you a natural and healthy smile