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Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you feel overwhelmed? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of patients avoid much needed dental care due to the anxiety they feel when entering the dentist’s office. At Cross Timbers Dental, we are happy to offer the safe and relaxing help of sedation dentistry. The following questions can help you learn more about the oral and nitrous sedation that we offer. Because we are committed to reducing your anxiety about dental care, we offer our new patients a complete exam & x-ray for just $29. Find out how sedation can help you get the dental treatment you need and deserve. Call us today to find out more!

Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill and begins working within minutes. Oral sedation will last for hours. This type of sedation keeps you completely relaxed and at ease throughout your entire appointment.

Nitrous sedation is often referred to as laughing gas and is nitrous oxide administered through a mask. Nitrous sedation takes effect almost immediately, and will keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. It will wear off quickly after your appointment is complete.

The oral sedation takes hours to wear off so a driver will be necessary after the visit to safely take you home. You will need to rest to let the sedation wear off completely. Nitrous sedation is not as strong as oral sedation, it will wear off minutes after you remove the mask. When using nitrous sedation, you should be safe to drive home when you leave the office.

Both forms of sedation will make you feel deeply relaxed and at ease but not make you fall asleep the whole time. You may drift off during the appointment, however if you need to respond to the dentist you can. Surrounding smells and sounds will not bother you and you may not even remember the entire appointment after the sedation wears off.

Yes! Sedation dentistry has changed the way many people feel about going to the dentist. For even the standard dental exams and cleanings, sedation dentistry can be used to help you feel completely relaxed. Giving sedation dentistry a try can change your view of the dentist and make your visits something you will begin to look forward to.


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“Let me start by saying I have major anxiety when it comes to the dentist office, but my check in process was smooth, quick and easy; they got me back to the room very quickly; my technician Jessica was super sweet and talked to me the whole time, and Dr Medici was amazing. I have a few things that need to be done so I will be seeing them for a while. Very happy and pleased with the service and the whole staff. Thank you Cross Timbers Dental!!”

– Jenica G., Yelp

“After avoiding the dentist for two years, I finally found a dentist that I like! Dr. Revering was super patient and thorough in his exam and explanation of everything. Jennifer did an amazing job on my cleaning. I have dental anxiety and usually wait until I absolutely have to go to the dentist because of pain. Now that I have found Cross Timbers Dental, I will actually go when I’m supposed to!”

– Laura F., Facebook