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Preferred by many of our patients, porcelain veneers can provide the lasting result of a smile makeover. Many cosmetic dental problems, such as chipped, gapped, stained, aged or misaligned teeth can be resolved with porcelain veneers. The porcelain veneer process begins with listening to what you want for your new smile.  A mock-up is made and approved by you before treatment begins.  The actual veneer preparation visit involves recontouring the enamel.  An impression is then taken which will be sent to a skilled dental laboratory technician to fabricate the wafer thin porcelain.  In the meantime, you will wear temporary veneers taken from the mock-up to try out your new smile.  A few weeks later, the veneers are tried in and if you approve of them, they will be bonded to the teeth.  Porcelain veneers are as strong as your own teeth and resist future discoloration and chipping. They make a dramatic and immediate difference to your smile and self-esteem.

View a sampling of our Smile Transformations

Notice the difference in before and after.

  1. More definition of the gum area.
  2. Fuller tooth structure on the biting edge and straightened.
  3. The teeth are whiter.
  4. The standard size for the teeth is 10mm, which this case is only 8mm, so we extended the tooth structure to the standard 10mm.

Do veneers look natural or do they look fake?

In the picture below can you tell which teeth are real and which are veneers?

The front two teeth are veneers, the other teeth are natural.  
How do we get great results?  We work with only the best materials and dental laboratories.